Language Instruction
We offer language instruction in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Russian and many more.

Interpretation Services
In over 170 languages, ILC offers both Face-to-Face and Telephonic Interpreting Services. Our interpreters are fluent in the source and target language and are
specialists in the terminology you will need to communicate.

Translation Services
With services that encompass 175 different languages and with a wide array of translators experienced in all forms of business ranging from legal, government
and academic to medical, finance and even creative, the ILC Translation Center provides a seemingly endless supply of resources. From start to finish, your documents go through a quality control process that  guarantee satisfactory results. The steps include:
   • Analysis of your document (with an estimated price quote)
   • Translation is assigned to translator/s with specific expertise
   • During the translation process, we will communicate with you to reconfirm tone and purpose of material
   • A control group of translators proofreads and edits the material
The material is presented to you in the format of your choosing